Antioch Church Started Korean Class

korean class

korean class

korean class

New Orleans Antioch Church started 'Free Korean language Class' on March 14th.

Since New Orleans does not have many Korean people, minister did not expect that many people would be interested in Korean class. The minister gathered people by online, spreading the flyers, sending text messages to almost 300 people who were interested in bible study before but did not come to the church.

By the helping hand of God, many people were contacted to the class. Among them, three people came to the first class as an orientation last weekend. And 11 students attended as they kept the promise this weekend. The students have various backgrounds and interests. They have one students who is a fashion designer working with Korean designers, one who likes to cook Korean food and also people who like K-drama, K-pop etc.

After having short introduction time to meet each others, they watched the videos about Korean alphabet and basic conversations and they had writing, speaking practice time. Everyone was terrifically exciting for their first Korean class.

The minister hopes that the hearts of the language students will be warmed and opened to hear the Gospel of Christ in the coming days.